The Company

For 30 years, solutions and innovations to water service

Engineering Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water treatment plants and control and dosing plant engineering systems.
The strength of its MADE IN ITALY technology is embodied  in the high standards of reliability,  safety and innovation of its products.

By applying these 3 values to its operation, Engineering Corporation fully satisfies the demands of a large public and provides a broad range of solutions and products:monitoring systems, dosing systems, automation systems, filters, water softeners, metering pumps, pool cleaners, drinking water treatment plants and anti-legionnaire’s disease systems.

What is more, Engineering Corporation, with the backing of its qualified partners, designs and builds plants of all sizes and for all uses.

Finally, the company designs and develops software for monitoring systems and plant management.

Quality and Safety:

Engineering Srl has adopted an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

The design and implementation of a corporate quality management system depends on various factors, from specific objectives to the type of products/services provided, the processes used and the size and organisation structure, and involves entities inside and outside the company such as employees, suppliers and customers.
Engineering Srl’s Quality Management System pursues the following goals:

  • to demonstrate the organisation’s ability to regularly supply products/services able to cater to customer demands and applicable binding requirements;
  • to increase customer satisfaction and perceived quality through the successful enforcement of the system, including processes for ongoing system upgrading and the assurance of conformity with customer demands and applicable binding requirements.


  • Certification of the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 standard version 2008 cert. nr.4247, certified by Certiquality, of Barchemicals Srl and Engineering Srl
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  • Workshop authorised by the Ministry of Health for the production of Medical Surgical Devices of Barchemicals Srl
  • SOA QUADRIFOGLIO, certified by Sincert, for Engineering Srl
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    “By means of Presidential Decree 34/2000 (implementing the provision contained in art. 8 of Law decree 109/94,  Merloni law) companies wishing to take part in Public Works tenders involving amounts above € 150,000 must obtain a “Certification Certificate”. Requisites needed by companies can be split up into requisites of a general nature (regarding the status of the company and its representatives) and of a special nature (regarding economic, financial and technical capacity)”.

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